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Play the music of my soul and let the drum beat keep time with my steps.
Let the ancestors spirits fill my passion of who I am and enlighten me
to my being. Fill my memory with sounds and sights of a time when I was
who I should be and not who I have become. Open my ears to hear the
stories of my people and allow me to enter into their meaning. Play the
music of my soul.

Since coming online in 1992 Wakadigatoli has been dedicated to providing
those who visit this site with information on their mixed blood heritage.
Below are links to various information intended to expand your knowledge.
Come sit awhile and hopefully you will find something of interest
and use to you.

Genealogy Helper

Cherokee Language Links

Native Peoples Magazine

National Trail of Tears Association

History of Gilmer County Georgia in the Old Cherokee Nation prior to removal

Native Technology and Art

Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper older issues online

Cherokee Nation official website

Eastern Cherokee of North Carolina

A visit to Cherokee North Carolina in pictures

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