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Someone once said to me that they felt like their soul was caught somewhere between two worlds. Most Amerindians, Native American, American Natives - however you view yourself in this world, feel the same, "between two worlds". Belonging soulfully to one, forced to live in another. As you search for your Cherokee or Native heritage, I ask that you remember that your ancestors came from a time frame when it was not popular to be Indian. If they could pass for white they did. From time to time, someone might have mentioned that there was Indian blood in the family, like it was a disease that you'd soon be healed of - if you would never mention it again. Now it has become popular to be Indian and everyone seems to be grabbing for that elusive family member to show them who they are. Some give up. They trace relatives all the way back to England or the European continent and that relative that would link them to the past somehow escapes. Chances are, if it was mentioned and then hushed up, there is truth to the rumor or family legend. No matter how small the content of Indian blood, it is calling for you to find it. The resources below are here to help you.

The task before you may not be an easy one. I pray you success in finding your loose ends, your roots among the real people...

Getting Started in your search
Jerry Wright Jordan extensive help list

Cherokee Proud - Tracing Your Cherokee Ancestors
Information about Tony McClure's books

Genealogy Email Discussion Lists
Subscribe to a list and see if these folks can help.

Rootsweb mailing lists
States, surnames, ethnic email list connections.

Rootsweb listing of American Indian Genealogy
A primer how-to.

Ancestry/Rootsweb Message Boards
This is not a pay to use site, but another source for places and names.

Gedcoms Online
Gedcoms are family genealogy files that may connect you to a distant cousin working on the same lines. Use only last names in the surname/spouse name spaces, unless the surname is very common (then you should use the first name and last name).

LDS-Family Search
Put in the full name of your ancestor and click search. This site has the complete 1880 census records online.

Free website with a bounty of research help. You can join and post your tree here or find others with connections to your lines. If you are a member of Ancestry.com you have access to genealogy.com also.

Find your specific family name(s) and connect to others searching the same.

Melungeon History and Research
Mixed Blood Cherokee? Maybe you have links here also.

Genealogy plus other Cherokee research links to the Eastern Cherokee
Use this site with caution and care. Be sure you don't ask about grandma the Cherokee Princess.

Links to more information

Cyndi's List of Native American Genealogy
Scroll down the page for specific information

Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisianna Territory

Cherokee Rolls, some online
Eastern Cherokee listing of names prior to removal

Surname Helper
Post a message, read a message, find your family name

Blacks among the Indians
How to begin to find your Africian-Indian links

Black Indians
A resource group for learning where the information can be found

Freedmen of the 5 Civilized Tribes
Remember that almost all American Indians were considered BLACK on the census records

Barbara Benge's pages
Extensive links to various genealogical sites

All Things Cherokee
Genealogy, history, articles and more

Native American Genealogy
This website has extensive work and effort put into helping you find your links and lost ancestral lines

1860 Oklahoma Census of Indian Tribes
Incomplete record, but growing - worth a look.

Information available at the National Archives in Washington, D.C.
Who, What, Where, When and how to find it.

Act Of Congress Roll 1854
Eighty Eight names not listed on the Siler 1851 Roll had to be added later.

Chapman Rolls 1851
Immediately Followed the Siler Rolls of 1851,
several people complained they got missed.

Cherokee Intruders
African-Indians or African Americans living in Indian Territory 1893

Descendants of Amatoya Moytoy
There were two Amatoya Moytoys...

Descendants of Amatoya Moytoy by James R. Hicks
The Moytoy line by James Raymond Hicks

Georgia Land Lottery of 1832
Chances are if your lines are in Georgia and your Native American relative was married to a white, they may have bought back their own land, or even drawn in the lottery.

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