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The links below have been updated as of 3/5/2010. With so much online these days that is untrue we try to support those sites we know to be faithful to the heritage and traditions of the Cherokee peoples.

Cherokee History
Historical information research and written by Ken Martin - note a warning box shows up when you choose this link. As far as we know there is nothing on this site that merits this warning.

Eastern Cherokee Qualla
Cherokee North Carolina

A Bounty of Information
Nancy L. Thomas' website of Cherokee information

Cherokee Oklahoma
Official site for the CNO

Cherokee Messenger online newspaper
Links to other information and to back issue of the Cherokee Messenger

Cherokee Observer online newpaper
Another source for current information on the Cherokees

Back to the Blanket Journal
Writings of interest to Cherokees

Cherokee Publications resource
Eastern Cherokee Museum Bookstore

First Nations list with Cherokee Links
This site lists a number of links of historical significance alphabetically

PowWow Listings and Information

Cherokee History to The Trail of Tears mostly Georgia facts

Home page

Cherokee Language Information:

Hi Tsalagis? Are you Cherokee? Tla'hidas adehlohgwasdi Tsalagi gawonihisdi. It isn't easy to learn to speak Cherokee. Aseno uha awotlvdi adelohsgoi. But it can be fun learning.

CHEROKEE LANGUAGE CLASSES ARE BEING TAUGHT BY THE North Carolina Cherokee Museum. You can contact them and attend classes being offered at Qualla Cherokee Language Lessons

Below are more links to help you learn the language, culture and history.

A demo tutorial
Load it to your harddrive and practice with sounds and the syllabary

Lessons and online Dictionary
Practice practice practice - learn some of the words of the Cherokee. Download songs, fonts and more.

Cherokee Software
More information on language, fonts, etc.

Cherokee Fonts and language lessons
Cherokee Nation language lessons and font download.

English-Cherokee Translator
Easy to use one word translator. Use the base word to get a translation.

Cherokee Slang
Easy words/phrases to make you an instant speaker.

Cherokee Dictionary
Short online dictionary

White Dove's Dictionary index page
English to Cherokee or Cherokee to English help dictionary, intensive (note that geocities links are dead)

Some of the older Tsalagi lists are not what they were supposed to be anymore. They have become intertribal, not that that is a bad thing, but it is not what the word "TSALAGI" was intended for.

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